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Murmester Stian Kristiansen As – Furnaces and Fireplaces Create a Unique impression in Your House

Murmester Stian Kristiansen performs installation of furnaces and fireplaces and generates unique expression and impression in your house. We are working on the sale of chimneys, the installation of fireplaces and chimney rehabilitation. We have accumulated unique knowledge and are market leaders in our area. Our Company goal will be the natural choice for chimneys, fireplaces, chimney rehabilitation or simply offering expertise in the field. Our company deliver Rehabilitation and fitting of pipe and chimney.

Our Company gives advice and solutions for your needs, whether it is a desire for refurbishment of a chimney / fireplace or replacement / reinstallation. It is a good investment in fire safety and an upgrade of the house. It make your house so amazing and good look. We restore and install fireplaces and pipes and chimneys. Recently we launched our online website for getting more fame and reputation in the industry and peoples know about our high quality services. Onlive Server Help to launch our website, which is deliver Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS Server Hosting. Murmester Stian Kristiansen – By preferring Our Services you will get better firing economy, avoid moisture and condensation problems and reduce the risk of piping with spread to building.    

The most common reasons for rehabilitation are:

  • Weathering and aging
  • Too big cross section after replacing old oven
  • Poor insulation
  • Incorrect firing with wood
  • The wood burning stove is replaced with oil boilers
  • Bad move
  • Oily pipes
  • Low temperature boilers are fitted.
  • Leca Chimney Rehabilitation – Norway’s largest rehabilitation program for pipes

Murmester Stian Kristiansen services are Rehabilitation of Chimney, Installation, Service and Control and Piper and Chimneys. We make your house unique expression. For getting more information contact us.