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Best Furnaces and Fireplaces Provider in Norway – Murmester Stian Kristiansen

Murmester Stian Kristiansen is the installation of furnaces and fireplaces company in Norway. We provide these services like Rehabilitation and fitting of pipe and chimney, Service and repair of pipes, Stoves, Condition report and control of pipe and Fireplaces etc. Our goal will be the natural choice for chimneys, fireplaces, chimney rehabilitation or simply offering expertise in the field. We have various types of fireplaces like gas, oil, wood, pellets and open quarries, there are also very different requirements for pipes.

A pipe can manage high temperature loads as well as large physical and chemical loads. Steel pipe fits all chimneys, a wide range of fuels, saunas, cabins and houses. It fits too in new as in old structures. We strive to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our quality of work says it all. So recently we lunched furnaces and fireplaces service through host website “Murmester Stian Kristiansen” which is hosted by Onlive Server which is the leading brand in hosting services that offer Best and Cheap Dedicated Server and VPS Server Hosting at very affordable cost.

There are some reasons for rehabilitation-

  • Overdue chimney – condensation, moisture damage, cracks, joints are cleared away.
  • Pipebrann – Incorrect firing, bad wood, cold / external influences, tar / beak.
  • The cross section is too large after replacing old ovens with new ones.
  • The wood burning stove is replaced with oil boilers.
  • Low temperature boilers are fitted.

We restore and install fireplaces and pipes and chimneys. We are offering many different plans. Here we can provide advice and solutions for your needs. Customer will get complete satisfaction with our services. For More Information About Our Service in Norway Visit our Website.